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For any organisation that wishes to help its staff apply for a job – as a general developmental support, or as a result of internal restructure or change.
For anyone who wants to check out or improve their skills in giving and/or receiving feedback, and to develop key skills for giving blind spot feedback
For anyone who wants to maximise their own, their team’s – or their children’s - opportunities for effective learning.
For anyone who wants to work with others in a way that creates a positive impression, enhances your influence and helps you be more persuasive.
For anyone who wants to understand and develop the key micro-skills and behaviours that help build and sustain positive relationships with others.
For anyone who wants to see their organisation, team or themselves work effectively to achieve a positive, healthy & sustainable EDI culture.
For those who would like to explore what leadership means – to themselves, to their team, or to the organisation.
For anyone who wants to examine how they actually learn; what helps, what hinders, and how different learning strategies might work better than existing habitual methods.
Anyone with a current management role, or aspirations to one, who clear understanding of roles, responsibilities and required skills. This workshop also provides opportunity to assess current competencies to identify areas for development.
For those who want to identify the range of management styles typical in their role; assess their own match against these styles; and consider how effective each style might be to be successful in their role
For anyone who feels overloaded, and who wants to explore effectively managing the external overload, and / or coping effectively with any inevitable overload that exists.
For anyone responsible for managing the performance of others – and themselves – and who wants to have a clear and consistent method for setting and assessing performance.