Learning How To Learn

For anyone who wants to examine how they actually learn; what helps, what hinders, and how different learning strategies might work better than existing habitual methods.
This outline is for the half day workshop... for an outline of the full day and bitesize (90 minute) version, please get in touch.

Learning Outcomes

Greater understanding of your existing learning strategy, and how effective it is
Awareness of, and opportunity to try, new ways of learning
Tailor a blend of learning approaches for different learning requirements
Help others assess and if necessary adjust their learning approach


Case work: how do you (think you) learn?
The learning process
Learning models
Reflection, & case work revisited

Learning Approaches

core learning input
group activities
paired activities
tools & templates
your ideas & suggestions
self-assessment questionnaire
reflection & consolidation

We're always happy to customise... just get in touch :-)

I keep nagging the College to use you because you are life changing as a trainer. I hope they get a chance to see it.
- Senior Tutor, FE College

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