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What is coaching?

It's a conversation to help the individual find solutions. The coach provides direction, reflection and focuses on asking questions rather than providing answers.

Why choose coaching?

Because coaching is tailored to the specific needs and preferences of the individual, it generates relevant and appropriate solutions that work, building the individual’s competence and confidence.

Can I meet my coach first?

Yes... It's so important to find someone who is the right fit for you or your company. Just book a FREE 30 minute session to get to know us before deciding.

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what makes us

Not just coaching...

… also mentoring, one on one training, troubleshooting, mediation, advice. We work with you to tackle whatever you bring to the table, in whatever way you need at the time.

Different folks...

… different strokes.

Everyone is different. We work hard and successfully to find the way that works best for each individual.

It works.

Our feedback and referral rate speaks for itself.

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Our Coaching Options:

Coaching Sessions


9am to 5pm Monday-Friday

£75 - 30 minutes
£125 - 60 minutes

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Weekends and before 9am or after 5pm Monday-Friday

£60 - 30 minutes
£100 - 60 minutes

On Site Coaching

any UK location

Minimum half day (3 hours). This can be a single extended session, or multiple shorter ones for different individuals.

£500 - 3 hours
£750 - 6 hours

On site or online…

Zoom, Teams, Webex, etc…we’re experienced with all the popular platforms, and happy to work with whichever you choose – and now we’re available for on site coaching too: it’s great to be back!

Prefer to pay by invoice?

... no problem...

You can still schedule your workshop or coaching sessions online. Paying at the point of booking is optional, so go ahead and book and we'll invoice you later.

Prefer to chat with us first?

If you’d like to talk with us live (and we get that!) – please send us a message, or email

Manager, Laterooms
"I now feel comfortable and confident providing feedback to my team, and feel a lot more positive. I felt I learned a great deal."
Kate Wright
CEO & HR Consultant
"Just wanted to say a big thank you as I have already used some of the strategies I learned and they really work for me. I had lost confidence in my ability, and it’s coming back! I have suggested to senior management here that we investigate asking you to do a session for the staff here... I honestly think that many people would benefit."
"If you hadn't helped me at the lowest time, I may not have got back in the saddle so wanted you to know that you have made a massive difference and I won't forget it."
"My coach provided precise and analytical questioning that encouraged me to resolve my own questions (with guidance). He did not tell me what to do, instead he questioned my questioning, probed my answers and challenged my preconceptions."
"The insights I gained have changed my thinking and improved everything for me"
"My coach was authentic and very understanding. I valued their honesty and ability to make me look inwardly to find the answer!"
Senior Lecturer, Bolton College
"After just two hours, I can honestly say I left feeling more clear and enlightened about approaches to managing workplace development and team dynamics than I thought possible."
"The coaching was - and still is - literally life-changing. Arnie cut to the real issues like a laser, combining his considerable expertise with uncannily accurate instincts. With his support I've become comfortable tackling challenges that were previously unthinkable; Arnie helped me ignite a new career and new-found confidence. A died-in-the-wool perfectionist, I don't recommend anyone without caveats - but Arnie is one exception."