JEDI: justice, equality, diversity & inclusion

For anyone who wants to see their organisation, team or themselves work effectively to achieve a positive, healthy and sustainable JEDI culture and set of behaviours.
This outline is for the half day workshop... for an outline of the full day and bitesize (90 minute) version, please get in touch.

Learning Outcomes

Understand the legal requirements of JEDI
Know how to implement actions at an organisational level
Understand how to make a personal stand to address JEDI-related issues
Feel confident and empowered to be a positive role model


The 4 elements of JEDI explained
JEDI, the law and best practice
Bias & prejudicial behaviours
Actions that organisations can take
Actions that individuals can take

Learning Approaches

core learning input
open discussion
paired activities
self directed research
reflection & consolidation

We're always happy to customise... just get in touch :-)

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