Managing Overload

For anyone who feels overloaded, and who wants to explore effectively managing the external overload, and / or coping effectively with any inevitable overload that exists.
This outline is for the half day workshop... for an outline of the full day and bitesize (90 minute) version, please get in touch.

Learning Outcomes

Have ways of minimizing external pressures
Have ways of managing your internal response
Feel less stressed
Be more confident in any overload situation


Your current overload problems & current strategies
Out there: tackling the external pressures
In here: tackling my internal response
Consolidation & where to from here…

Learning Approaches

core learning input
group activities
paired activities
role play & simulation
your ideas & suggestions
solo activities
reflection & consolidation

We're always happy to customise... just get in touch :-)

Excellent trainer – friendly, involved and made the course interesting and memorable
- Manager, Knowsley MBC

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