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For anyone responsible for managing others, and where there is a need to prevent poor performance or address it effectively.
For anyone who wishes to know more about preventing stress, and dealing effectively with its release should it occur; and/or who wantsto learn helpful strategies to help others.
For anyone who is currently faced with or struggles with uncertainty; who would like to manage the downside better, and identify then take advantage of any upside.
For anyone who wishes to learn how to make meetings more productive, effective and enjoyable.
For anyone who is, or would like to be, a mentor, and would like to clarify the role, responsibilities, skills and benefits of being a mentor.
For anyone who might need to negotiate, and would like to learn how to do it effectively.
For those who want a short and simple way of planning a project without needing to use any digital technology (other than perhaps a camera to photograph the finished product!)
For anyone who wants to know more about behavioral science, and the ways in which understanding and anticipating human behaviour can be used to powerfully and positively to influence behaviour.
For those who have responsibility for forming or managing partnerships, or are members of partnerships, and want to develop best practice through their role
For anyone who wants to build and develop strong and positive relationships with others, and learn about ways in which to do this.
For anyone who either feels nervous in presenting, or anyone who simply wants some key hints and tips to present powerfully – and to get honest and balanced feedback to help them improve.
For anyone who would like to feel more confident in solving problems, and have access to a range of techniques and skills that will help.