Nudge Theory

For anyone who wants to know more about behavioral science, and the ways in which understanding and anticipating human behaviour can be used to powerfully and positively influence behaviour.
This outline is for the half day workshop... for an outline of the full day and bitesize (90 minute) version, please get in touch.

Learning Outcomes

Understand the key principles and methods of Nudge Theory
Feel confident in applying these to positively influence behaviour
Begin to apply Nudge to relevant applications within the organisation
Improve success rates of behaviour change interventions, with less expense (higher ROI)


Nudge quiz, history & principles
Nudge methodology: EAST & DUSI
MINDSPACE explained, with examples
Case work and reflection

Learning Approaches

core learning input
quiz round
tools & templates
learning recap quiz
open discussion

We're always happy to customise... just get in touch :-)

The course was a fantastic way for me to realise and utilise skills that I was unaware I possessed. My experience of engaging with the course was incredibly valuable and eye opening. The way in which the course was constructed, organised and delivered worked brilliantly
- Dance and Theatre Artist, Manchester

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