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“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” (Drucker)For anyone who wants to ensure that the culture of their organisational unit is healthy and fit for purpose.
For anyone who wishes to be as skilled as possible in personal or team communication, and who wants to learn this new, powerful technique.
For those who either currently coach and would refresh their learning, or for those who want to explore the role and advantages of coaching as part of their management skill set.
For anyone who wants to develop a more creative and innovative culture in their team or organisation… or wishes to improve their own creativity and innovative thinking ability.
For anyone that wants to provide excellent customer service from top to bottom, and wishes to start with a strategic focus to ensure high quality consistency throughout, leading to clear individual ownership for making a positive difference…
For anyone that wants to provide excellent customer service and wishes to start with individual responsibility for making a positive difference, leading to a more strategic view of comprehensive customer service across the organisation as a whole.
For anyone managing or delivering a first response to customers who are unhappy or behaving in a challenging way. This workshop provides simple yet effective tools and techniques for a positive response.
For anyone who wants either ‘to review what’s out there’ in terms of decision-making techniques, or who wishes to improve their way of making any decision.
For anyone who feels they should be making more use of delegation, and wants to know how to get it right.
For anyone either building a team, or wanting to improve existing team performance.
For those wanting a thorough understanding of EI, and an assessment of their own strengths and areas for development in its various elements.
For those who facilitate meetings and want to improve, or who Chair meetings and want to consider how to facilitate effectively in that role.