Changing The Culture

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” (Drucker) For anyone who wants to ensure that the culture of their organisaitonal unit is healthy and fit for purpose
This outline is for the half day workshop... for an outline of the full day and bitesize (90 minute) version, please get in touch.

Learning Outcomes

Know what steps to take to create a culture that is aligned to your organisation’s requirements
Understand the main difficulties or obstacles in creating such a culture – and how to remove or minimise them
Develop an approach that helps gain the buy in of staff and other stakeholders


Why culture is important, and how to recognise it
Your own experience
What to do to build an effective culture: key strategies and skills
Changing the culture: a case study

Learning Approaches

core learning input
your ideas & suggestions
paired activities
learning recap quiz
self-assessment questionnaire
reflection & consolidation

We're always happy to customise... just get in touch :-)

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I’m glad I came – I’ve a clear view on how to identify existing cultures, and a game plan for change
- Manager, Midlands Heritage Company

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