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Arm Folding

A brilliant yet simple way of emphasising how the key element in effective change is not about making the change, but embedding it...

Top Ten Tips on...

These 10 tactics are those most commonly used by many negotiators - so knowing about them may help you resist them...

Kirsty Bashforth

The book takes you through the key stages of building and maintaining a corporate culture, and there are scores of case studies to provide examples.

Top Ten Tips on...

How an understanding of human behaviour – how we act, and why – can help you ‘nudge’ people towards or away from particular choices and outcomes…

People on an Airfield

Clear priorities are one thing - but what if they conflict? A great example of the need to connect top level strategy with ground level decision making.

Top Ten Tips on...

Making and breaking habits - what do you need? Know your reasons, then how to replace the bad ones, and reinforce and repeat the good ones

John Berger

A seminal book that changed the way people think about oil paintings, publicity and perception. Though old now, it still resonates in today’s world

Courageous Love

A perfect example of blind spot feedback, and the difference it can make – where the feedback is given and received as a gift, rather than a criticism
Anyone with a role in the appraisal process… who wants to design/deliver an effective appraisal system that works well for the organisation and all staff.
For anyone with either a strategic role in their organisation, or who wants a greater understanding of what ‘strategy’ means, and how to think strategically.
For anyone who wants a set of tools, tips and techniques to minimise the risk of challenging conversations occurring, & manage them effectively if they do.
For those with responsibility for either making and leading a change, or for responding effectively to imposed change… whether the change is, or is intended to be, transformational.