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Hugely influential video, providing a real and fresh insight into how to deal effectively with your own sense of vulnerability and shame
Why pretend, which is exhausting, when you can be naturally authentic – which is what most people appreciate
Presenter slightly irritating, but the case study example is a good one…
Why don’t we show empathy? More specifically, why don’t we help more?
(watch: 0:29 - 1:04) How NOT to do it…not only a fail of empathy towards his daughter, but also to those with him at the table. Priceless.
Don’t let the title put you off – this is a magnificent TED talk on many levels. For this pod, watch the first 25 seconds…!
Not only is it a great idea, but shows the importance of teamwork, and how easily a ‘weakest link’ could wreck the process…
Suppose you tossed a coin 4 times, unobserved, and every time you said it came down tails, you were paid £5. With no one watching, with no evidence, would you tell the truth?
A powerful personal story, toid with conviction, of how sticking to his values and principles almost cost him his job....
This TED talk video offers a challenging perspective, based around the key question: but what if my authentic self doesn’t fit in?
Using his favourite examples, Norman identifies three emotions which any object should inspire that will make the user or observer happy.
Very funny, and a brilliant example of how his internal emotional self has completely hijacked his external rational behaviours
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