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University student hoping to empower his audience by explaining why saying 'no', though uncomfortable in the short term, might be beneficial in the longer term
Based on conversations with older individuals, here are the 10 most commonly quoted regrets people have had - opportunities they wished they had taken when younger...
Its subtitle summarises the book well: how to stop your past ruining your future. Easy to read and full of advice; well researched with plenty of practical tips.
Similar to the 3,2,1 model in the black above, this separates into 2 concentric circles: circle of influence, and circle of concern...
A seminal book, in which Ferris makes a powerful case for a way of working that is far more effective, satisfying - and only requires 4 hours per week. It's revolutionary, a complete culture change for work, and has encouraged millions to take his advice.
8 ways to ensure you have fun in life - including work..and a nicely executed set of graphics
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