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THE book, written by THE man…
The original collection of inspiring stories, and many of them about world class customer service…
A thorough, powerful and well researched book, with plenty of real-life examples. Thought provoking and highly recommended.
This is the reverse of marginal gain; from chapter 16, what went wrong on Everest – how marginal decisions had catastrophic effects
OKRs are Objectives and Key Results – issues central to this pod. If you want more help on measuring performance, this is the book to read…
Why questions are the ultimate leadership tool: how failing to ask questions led to disasters like the Titanic and the Challenger explosion; how to aks the right questions, and how to create a questioning culture
Celebrity actor (star of the film MASH) offers some humorous and engaging ideas about effective communication
This is the book and author that developed the Emotional Intelligence concept and model, and is an essential read for anyone who is seriously interested in this topic.
One of the few books that takes a strategic approach to customer service
Officially called the ‘Behavioural Insights Team’, David Halpern’s ‘Nudge Unit’ was part of David Cameron’s Government, and did much to get Nudge Theory the prominence we think it deserves. Accessible, with loads of examples of Nudge Theory at work.
The seminal books that kick-started the whole NLP movement. Reading both will give you an insight into the early thinking behind NLP.
One of Bandler’s more recent books – highlighting 35 NLP techniques
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