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For those involved in recruitment selection, and who want to get up to speed with existing good practice, and core tools and techniques.
For anyone who wants to improve their own or their team’s ability to use reflection in a more routine, regular and disciplined way.
For those with responsibility for writing reports and who wish to learn or review good practice in terms of format, content and style.
For anyone who wants to check out and improve their own resilience or support others who may not be so resilient.
For anyone who would like to do more with less, in terms of limited budgets, and would like to know how to obtain and maximise resources without spending money.
For anyone who wants to be persuasive and get others’ buy in, but is averse to traditional ideas about selling; or f or team leaders who would like to introduce soft selling to their teams.
For anyone who wants to examine in more detail the power of the spoken and written word – how little things can make a big difference.
For anyone who regularly is confronted with the need to think on their feet, and would like access to tools, tips and techniques to develop this skill.
For anyone under time pressure who wants practical tools, tips and techniques to manage their time and competing priorities better.
For those who wish their organisation or team to be value-led, and to be able to create value based behaviours for themselves and their staff.
For anyone who want to create a wellbeing strategy and effective practice, now and for the sustainable future.
For anyone in a leadership or influence position, who would like to learn how to gain attention and motivation through storytelling.